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At Omni Osteopathy Health and Wellbeing clinic, we believe that health can not be compartmentalised;
it is all that you are, and all that you desire to be!



Wild beauty

Lauren is a holistic facial expert with a passion for using all natural, non toxic and organic skincare products.

Unique treatments she is bringing to OMNI:


“Planet Earth & Body Friendly”

Certified organic, 100% vegan, cruelty free balms & tonics are made in small batches from sustainably sourced natural ingredients so I can guarantee you that your facial experience will be not only green but super clean & fresh!


This suction cup practice reduces puffiness, promotes cell turnover, softens wrinkles and fine lines, relieves muscle tension, and stimulates collagen production. It is also amazing for people who suffer particularly with tension headaches and jaw tension (TMJ).

Cupping enhances the skin’s elasticity, making it an excellent non-surgical NATURAL alternative treatment for saggy facial skin or wrinkles. It also helps stimulate collagen production which begins to diminish in your twenties!

*CRYOLIPOLYSIS (fat freezing)

a natural treatment to accompany your weight loss and toning journey using your body’s own natural detox process that kicks in when exposed to super low temperatures.

This treatment helps to reduce those really stubborn areas or pockets of fat and even help change the tone and appearance of skin during the weight loss process.

Wild Beauty
Facial cupping

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